My light polluted skies...

Here are some images I like to share.  I image from central Florida where there is an overabundance of light pollution.  I live in Ocala, I have Gainesville to the north of me and Orlando is about 60 miles south of me.  My skies are Bortle scale 6-7, I can barly see the summer milky way above me and my limiting magnitude stars are 5 to 5.5. 

Many communites have installed cut off light fixtures which point light down to the ground as opposed to the drop-lens cobra luminaire which allow light to spill out the sides and even upward, where light is not needed.  Communities have found a financial gain to using cut off light fixtures as it cost less to illuminate areas that ONLY need to be illuminated.  Much of the light that our towns and cities use on roads is wasted energy and money.

Right now I am information gathering I'd like to know if anyone has been part of the movement in changing their towns light fixtures and how the process went for you.  I have links to IDA and have stated reading the brochures within the page.  Please feel free to reply with your experiences.

Internation Dark-Sky Association
Harmful effects of light pollution