IC 443 the Jellyfish nebula

IC 443 the Jellyfish nebula
Supernova remnant located in the constellation Gemini about 5,000 light years from Earth. A supernova remnant is the material expelled from a massive star that burned up all of it's fuel and collapsed onto itself.
IThis target was imaged from Ocala, Florida using the QSI 683 cooled CCD camera and an Orion 80mm EON (FL 480mm).  I combined 6 minute subs to total one hour in each color in Red, Green and Blue.
To image the detail  in this nebula I used 15 minute exposures through a hydrogen alpha filter for a total of 4 hours integration.Taking multiple exposures improves the signal to noise ratio.
This was processed in Photoshop  CS5
Orion 80mm EON (FL 480mm)
Losmandy G-11 with Gemini II German equatorial mount.
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