M81 Bode's galaxy

M81, Bode's galaxy, is a spiral galaxy in the constellation Ursa Major approximately 11.8 million light years from Earth.
This is a composite of luminance data imaged from the QSI 683 (2014) and RGB data from a Canon T1i (2011).
Imaged from Ocala, FL
RGB data: Combination of 120 sec and 180 sec exposures stacked in DSS for a total integration time of 6 hours and 32 min. using Canon T1i.
Luminance data: 360 second exposures totaling 1.6 hours of integration using QSI 683wsg-8.
Astro-Tech 6" Richey-Chretien (RGB)
Astro-Tech 8" Richey-Chretien (Luminance)
Celestron CG-5 German equatorial mount (2011)
Losmandy G11 with Gemini 2